Sunday, July 13, 2014

Storming the Castle - Special Summer "Jessitorial" 2014

Jesse and Karen want to let their listeners know it's okay to just chill, relax, and let things go. :-)

We also make fun of ourselves before we're through (so don't leave if you're feeling offended), give some updates as to what our plans are for the rest of the summer, and finally, we do a horrible job with Janis' and Kathy's sign-off.

While we don't mention this during the podcast, I want to plug CastleCast's Firefly rewatch going on this summer. Link to their site below.

Hope you're having a good summer!

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Janis & Kathy are there in our hearts <3


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  1. Hokay I couldn't figure out what the heck a manip was by Jesse's initial pronunciation, and I've never known how to pronounce (and still am not sure) GIF correctly,, but because my Castle interest is waning somewhat, I really enjoyed this podcast. I have to chuckle over internet drama any more.

    GRRM threw out the question in the GoT ComicCon panel
    "And how many children did Scarlett O'Hara have, anyway?"
    because there was a difference in the number of children she had in the movie vs in the GWTW book. Then he mentioned that she being a fictional character wouldn't have existed in the least had it not been for Margaret Mitchell. Point taken, from an author that isn't thrilled by fanfic. :)

    I enjoyed the casual "show a little faith" mention. Sounds like that would make a great song lyric, hm, Jessee? (I've been following Springsteen since before the Time / Newsweek cover which makes me official old and a long time fan).


    1. Julie - thank you so much for your support and comments! I'm glad you took my ramblings in the spirit they were intended. And I agree that Show a Little Faith might make a decent song lyric. (BTW, my hope is my next podcast can be a Springsteen one).